Service Offeringicon4

Our service offering consists of:

  • End-to-end research projects commissioned to us as independent third party, by our clients. In these projects we are responsible for sampling, questionnaire development, data collection, data analysis and reporting – in close collaboration with our clients.
  • Niche research solutions: We assist clients with some of the research steps, but we do not manage the research project from end-to-end. The most common form of the niche service we provide is data collection via our online survey platform – our clients will design their own questionnaire and we then add their branding to our online platform and manage the data collection process on their behalf.

End-to-end independent third party research for clients

  • Communication audits
  • Culture and climate studies
  • Stakeholder perception surveys
  • Stakeholder relationship health assessments
  • Reputation surveys
  • 360 degree assessments
  • Social and socio-economic impact assessments
  • Community development and needs assessments
  • Opinion polls
  • Customer/client satisfaction surveys

Niche research solutions

  • Bulk email distribution of survey invitations (containing the URL or link to a survey), or reminders sent to respondents during the data collection period
  • Hosting of online surveys on behalf of our clients
  • Tracking survey participation and reporting on progress during data collection – we also offer live reporting on survey progress with options for our clients to filter through responses and export datasets
  • Data analysis, from descriptive to advanced inferential statistics
  • Development of interactive reporting tools with the functionality to filter through research results by demographic and other filters, with charts automatically updating
  • Special packages for postgraduate students and academics for assistance with online data collection and data analysis
  • We are developing a groundbreaking new tool that will enable users to control and conduct their own data analysis process for specific types of data and analyses options

Most frequent used methodologies

Where relevant, we prefer to combine quantitative and qualitative data collection methods to contribute to the depth and value of the research results for our clients:

  • Online surveys
  • Face-to-face structured interviews
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth semi-structured, or unstructured interviews
  • Content analysis
  • We also have clients who have their call centre staff use our online platform to capture responses of customers or other respondent groups.