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Peter Maruping is co-founder and director of Quantify Research. He was previously the Field Research Supervisor at G3 Business Solutions, for a period of three years.

He holds a BTh degree from UNISA, BA honours from University of Pretoria, MA (Theology) from the University of Pretoria (specialising in Practical Theology), and a Master’s in Theology (MTh) from the Protestant University of Theology in the Netherlands, specialising in Systematic Theology.

He was a research assistant at the University of Pretoria (2007-2008), and lectured in Theology at UNISA (2008 – 2010), before he joined G3 Business Solutions. Peter has published articles in accredited journals, and presented papers at different institutions and forums.

When he is not with a team of fieldworkers supervising data collection in a rural or urban community, he is a minister of Religion in Pretoria. He also serves as the acting-chairperson of the Tshwane Leadership Foundation (TLF) Board.

Peter is an experienced field supervisor for both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. He has vast experience in managing and applying strict quality control measures for field research projects and teams of all sizes. He has excellent communication and relationship skills and understands the dynamics in rural communities and the sensitisation processes required to conduct field research in such settings.