Core Strengthsicon3

We pride ourselves on the follow core strengths.


We use technology to enhance our ability to deliver reliable and valid research results, in easy-to-use formats: Auto-reporting on survey progress, GPS tracking of fieldworkers, real-time data capturing, interactive and customised results reporting, tools and applications to enable client involvement in the research process. Where appropriate, we make use of simultaneous translations technology to ensure richness of meaning and respondents that can express themselves freely.

World class online survey platform and programming abilities

Our online survey platform is extremely flexible and can be customised to satisfy any type of research requirement. We can handle complicated branching and filtering of questions, neatly packaged in a format that is pleasing to the respondent’s eyes. We can incorporate and accommodate visuals, graphics and any scale or question type. We can manage multi-language surveys in languages such as Arabic, Portuguese, Pashto, Dari, Cypriot Greek, French, and Persian (Farsi). Our servers are capable of hosting surveys suited for large corporate easily managing volumes of over 6,000 participants. Our platform has the ability to send personalised survey invitations to large networks of over 5,000 potential respondents.

Advanced statistical analysis

We are well-trained and experienced in the use of descriptive and advanced inferential statistics, applying appropriate statistical methods to quantitative and qualitative data. We can build statistical models to illustrate impacts, relationships and track results over time. We use statistics in a way that is accessible to clients and to identify the practical implications and “so what” elements in the research equation.

Agility, adaptability, astuteness

We are resourceful and able to adapt quickly to any unexpected challenges in the research process – whether we have to set up a temp office under shade net in a rural area, attend community meetings with traditional leaders in a scorching hot tent, or have fieldwork team meetings under giant baobab trees. We are ready to amend plans and implement measures to ensure quick turnaround times, and quality data collection while respecting local customs and understanding community dynamics.

Skills transfer

We work closely with our clients throughout the research process and build their capacity, enable and empower them to take ownership of the research results and drive remedial actions within their teams, departments or business units.

We also transfer skills to young, unemployed matriculants in communities where we conduct door-to-door surveys – by training local groups of survey officials or fieldworkers to collect data from their own environment under the supervision of our experienced field research supervisor.

Long-term relationships with clients

We build long-term relationships with our clients and up to 60% of our work come from repeat clients – either in the form of regular repeats of the same surveys, or conducting different types of research for the same client, or for different departments from the same client company.

Collaboration with tertiary institutions

Proud of our academic roots and the foundation of our work on sound scientific principals and standards, we maintain close ties with various tertiary institutions – whether as clients, peers, or partners. Examples are the University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria, North West University, Rhodes University and University of the Witwatersrand.