Adam Martinicon11

Adam Martin is co-founder and director of Quantify Research.

He is a data scientist and an experienced quantitative research specialist in the social and business sciences.

He holds a BSc degree in Financial Mathematics, a B Com Honours (cum laude) in Econometrics and a Master’s Degree (cum laude) in Human Resource Management – all from the former Rand Afrikaans University (now University of Johannesburg).

The wide array of subject areas has allowed him to quickly adapt to evolving demands of the corporate world, especially in multi-disciplinary environments where innovative solutions and analytical skills are required. On top of his academic qualifications, he has also completed a number of specialised short courses focused primarily on the data sciences, computer programming and database development.

His qualifications are backed by wide experience. First lecturing and forming the statistical consultative team at RAU/UJ, to moving into the telecom industry (having worked with all three cellular operators). His progression has always maintained an analytical role with the objective to evolve alongside the business intelligence industry. He now consults on a number of areas, including socio-economic assessments, stakeholder research and corporate communication.

Adam has over a decade of experience as a data analyst and thrives on the challenges that any large and complex dataset presents – especially in combination with techno-leverage requirements to develop new and innovative methods for reporting on research results.

He prides himself on a methodological manner of working and strives to maintain academic vigour and quality in all research endeavours.